La Berёzka Academy

Russian Programme
Russian Programme
Teaching writing, reading, and basics of mathematics. Getting ready for school
British EYFS
British EYFS
We provide education based on the Early Years Foundation Stage program for children aged 3 to 5 and the Key Stage 1 program for children aged 5 to 7.
Science Reactions
Science Reactions
Immerse yourself in the world of narrative and character exploration through our activity books
Art Curriculum
Art Curriculum
In this creative space, students explore classical and contemporary art forms, nurturing both artistic skills and aesthetic intelligence.
StoryTelling Immersion
StoryTelling Immersion
Immerse yourself in the world of narrative and character exploration through our activity books
Physical Education
Physical Education
Playgrounds and a multifunctional sports hall are available for sports activities. We offer a wide range of sports clubs and sections to suit every taste.
Nurturing young minds to cultivate innovative thinking and creative problem-solving
State of Mind curriculum
At La Berezka Academy, we offer a meticulously crafted educational program designed to empower young minds. Our curriculum seamlessly blends Russian and English foundations, fostering bilingual proficiency from an early age. Through the enchantment of storytelling, we inspire curiosity and ignite a passion for learning. Our four pillars—Culture, Education, Art and Science—provide a holistic foundation for academic success.

Empowering Minds through Captivating Activity Books

The Storyteller's Path

For instance, in our English classes, our students don't simply memorize word lists; they dive headfirst into the language by taking on roles within real-life contexts and situations. This approach fosters the development of both thought and language, extending far beyond the academic realm. Our children acquire linguistic skills through creative activities, emotions, and ideas.

Year 1 Book

For children 5-6 y.o
"The adaptation we have written of 'Swan Lake,' presented by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky during his travels and encounters with illustrious figures such as Queen Victoria, Edgar Degas, and Marie Curie, offers a unique educational experience for our children.


For children 4-5 y.o
Through the work "James and the Giant Peach", our students take their first steps towards literacy and phonemic awareness. This book offers valuable pedagogical lessons as young readers learn about creativity, perseverance, and the significance of friendship. It not only nurtures their imagination but also explores the landscapes of England, while imparting crucial values such as collaboration and self-confidence.


For children 3-4 y.o
"The Wonderful World of Beatrix Potter" offers valuable educational lessons throughout the seasons, as children discover the wonders of nature, the importance of kindness and friendship. This book fosters creativity and a deep connection with the natural world, providing timeless lessons in storytelling and moral values for young readers year-round.

Year 2 Book

For children 6-7 y.o
Our curriculum features exciting adventures like those of the Pott family, portrayed in Ian Fleming's "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." These stories inspire entrepreneurial thinking, and hands-on science experiments in our labs turn concepts into reality.


For children 2-3 y.o
Through "Goldilocks and the Three Bears", our little ones explore the story that highlights the importance of family and the world around them. Children will learn the significance of family bonds and the security provided by a loving home.
Stepping into an art classroom, you get into an art atelier in Montmartre, opening the door to a laboratory — to the moon or Silicon Valley, where you start studying robotics, 3D modeling and programming
Master class in La Berёzka’s Art Atelier
Art atelier
Our Art Atelier is much more than just a place for artistic expression, it's a veritable journey through the great works of the classical painters who gave rise to the greatest movements in the history of painting.
Rose Marine Restaurant
Our commitment to nutritional excellence is driven by our unwavering dedication to providing fresh and healthy meals that nourish both the body and the mind.
Playtronica in La Berёzka’s Nova Lab
Nova lab
Our Nova Lab is much more than just an experiment room. It's a space where the theory taught in class is brought to life through hands-on scientific work. What makes it even more special is that this laboratory is the fruit of the work of our students and teachers over the course of their school projects.
Our school counsellor, Miss Olesya, brings her valuable experience from Moscow's most prestigious international schools, granting her profound insight into the students' needs. She plays a pivotal role on our campus, nurturing their minds and hearts, instilling resilience, and promoting their emotional growth.
Our doctor, Miss Marina, also boasts extensive experience in international schools and serves as the guardian of their physical health, tending to their well-being with both expertise and compassion.
Speech therapist
Our speech therapist Miss Ksenia, armed with scientific knowledge, is dedicated to unleashing the power of communication, ensuring that every student's voice resonates with clarity and confidence.

Your Perfect Day

At La Berёzka Academy

La Berezka Academy is a pioneering educational establishment that begins nurturing young minds from kindergarten. Our distinctive approach serves as a catalyst for igniting a fervor for learning, propelling students towards excellence, all the while upholding the rigorous academic benchmarks set by Russian and international English language education standards.
Sciences, Languages, Music, Dance, Sports
We focus on developing critical thinking, curiosity, and determination. Our programs aim to enhance gross motor skills, teamwork, and promote overall health and well-being.
We serve a delicious breakfast made from seasonal ingredients, inspired by local traditions.
Mathematics, Art, Literature, Writing, Languages
Developing literacy, communication skills, and mathematical abilities.
We offer a healthy and balanced fruit snack
Our activities focus on developing gross motor skills and teamwork, while also promoting overall health and well-being.
Introduces the diversity of world cuisine
Allows the body and mind to recharge
Science, Languages, Music, Dance, Sports
Develop critical thinking, curiosity, and determination
Provides energy for the second half of the day
Science, Languages, Music, Dance, Sports.
Develop critical thinking, curiosity, and determination
Enhances gross motor skills and teamwork, promotes health
Various dishes made from fresh and nutritious ingredients
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