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Mr Nicolas
Mr Nicolas

My name is Nicolas Mathieu, and my journey is a fascinating fusion of academic discoveries and professional passions, marked by a constant quest for learning and innovation. My scientific baccalaureate was the catalyst for this adventure, awakening a deep passion for the sciences and problem solving. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with French and German industrial groups, where I was able to refine my expertise in data analysis. This experience allowed me to dive into a variety of sectors, to share my knowledge through training and conferences, and to develop a global understanding of international challenges.

In 2009, my career took a decisive turn with my relocation to Moscow. I played a key role in the launch and development of the trilingual kindergarten "Le Chat Botté" in Rublevka. This venture marked the beginning of my deep commitment to the education sector. I innovated by developing the first French activity books based on storytelling, drawing inspiration from classical literature.

My commitment to education continued in 2015 with the launch and co-direction of the Exupery International Kindergarten in Riga, one of the most prestigious schools in the Baltics. I expanded my skills by becoming a leader of the IB PYP program, contributing to the academic prestige of the institution.

I enriched my career with the "La Berezka" project in Russia. As co-founder and director of Avenue42, a company specializing in international educational projects, I continued to combine my passion for education with my entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, I am an accomplished professional, enriched by a unique journey in international education and entrepreneurship. Each stage of my career has been a cornerstone in building my professional and personal perspective, leading me to combine two worlds I cherish to inspire future generations.

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