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Mr Alain
Mr Alain
Founder & Director

My name is Alain Roland, and my international educational and professional background has significantly influenced my career, instilling in me adaptability, cultural insight, and expertise in the forefront of the business world. Having been raised across different cultures, I embarked on my international schooling at the French school in Malaga, Spain, before earning a Master’s in Project Management in Bordeaux, France.

Following my studies, my career journey took me to various countries, including Cuba where I embarked on entrepreneurial ventures, and then to roles at Hewlett Packard in the Indian Ocean and the Avant-Garde Heuer Technology group in Switzerland. These positions enabled me to leverage and refine the leadership skills developed through my broad-based education.

In 2011, driven by a profound passion for education, I began contributing significantly to the establishment and success of the international kindergarten “Le Chat Botte” in Rublovka. There, I played a crucial role in its development and in building its reputation among a discerning clientele over four years. In 2015, I was involved in founding the Exupery International School in Riga, serving as director for five years and achieving international IB school leadership certification. My path then led me back to France to initiate the Batignolles kindergarten in Paris, before returning to Moscow in 2022 with Avenue 42 and the Heritage group to develop "La Berezka Academy".

Thanks to the priceless international education gifted by my parents, I’ve integrated innovation and entrepreneurship into my approach to education. This integration is key at the Academy, where we aim to prepare children to be self-reliant and leaders of their time. We emphasize critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence, fostering happiness and personal growth, thus equipping our young learners to confidently face the challenges ahead.

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