Ms Natalya
Ms Natalya
Year 1 Co-teacher

From my student days at Moscow State University studying foreign languages and area studies to earning a diploma in English teaching from State Pedagogical University, my journey in international education has been both rewarding and enlightening. Transitioning from private teaching to a Teaching Assistant in an English kindergarten, I've embraced the joy and challenges of working with children. This experience has not only honed my patience, empathy, and communication skills but also fueled my passion for continuous learning and development in education.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I find joy in exploring new cooking recipes, traveling, and delving into the world of board games with my family. These hobbies enrich my creativity and keep me inspired. My commitment to education is driven by a belief in its power to transform lives, and I eagerly anticipate contributing my skills and experiences to new opportunities in this dynamic field.

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