Ms Mara
Ms Mara
Nursery Teacher

As a Pre-nursery Teacher with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and a TEFL certification, I bring a unique blend of skills and experiences to the classroom. My journey began in Monterrey, Mexico's second-largest city, where I grew up bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish, and attended international schools.

My career initially took a different path as an International Logistics Specialist for American-based companies. However, a winter holiday visit to Russia in 2013 was a turning point. This experience ignited a desire to work abroad, leading me to complete my TEFL qualification and embark on a teaching career. Being bilingual, I also seized the opportunity to teach Spanish, discovering my true passion in education.

The most exciting aspect of the educational process for me is nurturing the physical, mental, and emotional development of young children. I believe the early years are crucial for instilling positive habits that shape their future.

In terms of achievements, I am particularly proud of my role in developing students' mental flexibility, crucial for embracing principles and fostering innovative thinking. Seeing a student become capable of thinking differently and independently is a clear indication that I have fulfilled my duty as an educator.

Outside the classroom, I lead an active lifestyle. I am passionate about various physical activities and sports. My after-school hours are filled with classes in yoga, hip hop, and Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art. Additionally, I love to travel and am an avid photography enthusiast, capturing moments and experiences from around the world.

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