Ms Annily
Ms Annily
Reception Teacher

Raised in Winnipeg, Canada, I am Ms. Annily, a dedicated educator with a Bachelor of Education, specialized in Early Childhood Education. I am also TEFL certified and have achieved a C1 Level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). My teaching journey began in Vietnam, where I embraced the role of an ESL Teacher across various settings, including language centres, private schools, and international schools. My experience spans from teaching young learners in their early years to university-aged students.

My expertise lies in early childhood education, where I have effectively combined the Oxford and Cambridge curriculums with a Reggio Emilia approach. This unique blend allows me to cater to the diverse needs of young learners. Additionally, I have played a crucial role as an observer and evaluator for TEFL teacher trainees in Vietnam, contributing to the development of future educators.

The most exhilarating part of my teaching experience is witnessing students achieve what they once thought impossible. Observing their growing skill set and blossoming self-confidence fills me with pride. It's gratifying to see them discover their individuality and unique abilities, which I believe are vital in nurturing their journey through education.

One of my proudest achievements is facilitating this journey of self-discovery and accomplishment among my students. It's a joy to see them develop a robust sense of self and individual talents, knowing that these attributes will be their assets in their educational adventure.

Outside the classroom, I lead an active and explorative lifestyle. I am passionate about traveling to immerse myself in different cultures, cuisines, and environments. This desire to experience the world is complemented by my love for cooking, gardening, and film, enriching my personal life and providing a well-rounded perspective that I bring into my teaching.

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