Ms Alyona
Ms Alyona
Arts Teacher

I am Alyona Komissarenko, a dedicated teacher with a Master's degree in Art Pedagogy. My educational journey began in Kursk, where I completed my schooling and university education. Initially, I ventured into economics, earning my first degree in this field. However, my passion for teaching led me to change direction. I started as a martial arts instructor, teaching young kids aged 3 to 15, empowering them to be confident and safe in our challenging neighborhood. This experience sparked my interest in teaching, leading me to pursue further education in English language instruction and expanding my experience internationally in China.

My professional qualifications include an Academic Photography Course in Saint Petersburg and Art Therapy Professional Training in Moscow. These experiences have enriched my teaching methods, allowing me to incorporate diverse art forms into my lessons.

The most exciting part of my educational journey is learning about the varied perceptions of the world from my students. It's inspiring to see the results of my work and to share in the joy of creating art with pupils of all ages. Witnessing how children use their imagination and skills to produce unique art pieces is profoundly motivating.

I am particularly proud of creating a wholesome and caring environment between myself, my students, and colleagues. This atmosphere fosters honesty, open-mindedness, confidence, and creativity. Another significant achievement is the development and implementation of an inclusive art module for students with special needs, which has been a fulfilling addition to my career.

In my personal life, art plays a central role. I enjoy painting, sketching, playing the ukulele, practicing yoga, reading, and writing short stories. My love for art extends to visiting art galleries, exhibitions, theaters, and musical concerts. I am an avid traveler and nature enthusiast, often spending my holidays camping and exploring new landscapes, with a particular fondness for mountains, which inspire many of my paintings and photographs.

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