Mr Benjamin
Mr Benjamin
Year 2 Teacher

Born in Hastings and raised in Kent, United Kingdom, I am a passionate educator with a BSc in Psychology and a GTP, further augmented by my role as a TESMC Course Tutor and a Level 2 Fencing Coach. My educational odyssey commenced in North Wales. Post-university, I transitioned from lifeguarding to a Learning Support Assistant in a Special Therapeutic Community, paving the way for over ten years of diverse teaching experience across all primary age ranges.

The most thrilling aspect of my journey in education is its dynamic evolution, incorporating digital learning and innovative methodologies. The core of my teaching philosophy is deeply entrenched in connecting with each student, fostering a rapport that enables me to understand and support their individual educational needs.

A significant highlight of my career was my tenure at an international school in Luxembourg, where I was entrusted with teaching responsibilities across a variety of year groups, from Nursery to Year 6. Additionally, I played a crucial role in establishing the Australian TESMC initiative at one of Moscow's largest international schools, a feat that underscores my dedication to embracing educational innovation and diversity.

Beyond my professional life, I am a connoisseur of aesthetics and an amateur photographer. My penchant for collecting and photography is complemented by a deep-seated love for travel. Exploring different cultures and landscapes not only satiates my wanderlust but also continually enriches my perspective, enhancing both my personal growth and my professional practice.

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